Viken Detection


Our pleasure to inform our clients that Carinex Ltd. represents the Viken Detection in Hungary.

The Nighthawk BTX is the market leading handheld imager. Best in class steel equivalent penetration for wider detection and inspection applications while in a fully integrated X-ray source, user interface and control package and is the only handheld in the world with Lead Detection. 

It’s lightweight, small volume and ergonomic design provides security officers, agents and personnel with the imaging capability for counter contraband, narcotic and Terrorism missions and operations.

The Nighthawk BTX, the 5th and latest generation imager from Viken Detection, has improved optics for superior image quality and implements all the learnings and experience we have gained working collaboratively with all our Users.

NIGHTHAWK-BTX Handheld X-RaBackscatter Imaging System (datasheet)



BROADWING-DTX High Value Transmission (datasheet)

WINGBAR -RGD 10.1” Tablet (datasheet)

+Pb Trap Detectio (datasheet)


Osprey-LEP Vehicle Inspection System for high throughput narcotic, contraband, and threat interdiction

Osprey-UVX Under-vehicle X-Ray Imaging System