The X-Guard developed by our specialists to fulfil the role of protection of offices and negotiations.

Protection abilities

  • ACOUSTIC ISOLATION The system provides the ultimate solution in the area where cellular communications frequently cause nuisance, either through loud rings indicating incoming calls or loud conversations by subscribers. X-Guard is the most suitable for executive offices, board rooms, conference centres, corporate headquarters, libraries, cinemas, religious places, concert halls, exclusive restaurants, educational institutions, etc.
  • BREACH OF SECURITY POLICY Cellular phones and wLAN/BlueTooth devices are innocent looking, but they enable continuous transmission of voice/data even in places where such communication is prohibited.
  • ACCIDENTAL EAVESDROPPING Many cellular phones and BlueTooth headsets dial the last number called by simply hitting one button. In many instances, people press this button accidently and initiate a call unintentionally. Such incidents may lead to transmission of confidential information over the air.
  • INTENTIONAL EAVESDROPPING Any company or organization has such sensitive information which should be protected from leaking, but various wireless technologies could be used to collect information from a prohibited zone and send it to anywhere, even to the Internet.



Functional description

The X-Guard developed by our specialists to fulfil the role of protection of offices and negotiations. The device transmits radio signals, cutting-off communications between end devices (handy, NIC, etc.) and central units (base station, router, etc.) by using a unique transmission method that confuses the receiving circuits of end devices as if no central unit was within the service area.

Following the continues development of the wireless communication the X-Guard is modular and offers up to 8 bands, which could be selected upon ordering. This device does not interfere with any communications except the selected ones within the quiet zone and naturally does not interfere with communications outside the regulated area.